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2003 EM Corporation company was founded by the project of Marra brothers pushed by strong desire to have versatile, successful company ready to immerse into new entrepreneurial initiatives,overtaking the rigid confines of classic construction interprise.
EM Corporation nowdays is serious construction company that builds, sells, rents residential properties, B&B activities, commercial properties, holiday houses. It also is expert in renovating static lactation buildings made of masonry and concrete. Another branch in which EM Corporation specializes is maintenance of civil and industrial buildings,freight equipment such as tower hydraulic crane, tower city cranes, different kinds of excavators and trucks.
Marra brothers having an important roles and responsibilities since transformation of individual firm of Marra Liberato (1977) to the family business EDILMARRA that was founded then in 1987, always have had as the main goal the development of new business ideas, in order to look into future that changes so rapid, without fear.
EM Corporation, fueled by strong and unbreakable motive: the proud ( the quality that distinguishes Marra family for generations); is continualy searching for associative synergies in order to realize the ambitious and innovative projects. EM Corporation is ready to contribute in construction of better society , getting as much far as it can from the individualistic culture that blocks the development of Italy as country.

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